Keeping Our Kids Active


KOKA is a 501c3 accredited non-profit organization that's built to serve our kids.

Leo Collier is a New Orleans native and the Founder of KOKA, who had a vision to improve the childhood experience for our youth while also teaching them life skills. His vision was to invest more into the kids of his community by making sure they had the skills and resources needed to be productive citizens that bring value to their community. KOKA is a platform that connects kids with positive role models right from the community. Leo Collier noticed from early on kids can learn whatever you teach them so he figured why not teach them some things that make them better as a person other than the typical classroom learning. We want to see our kids thrive and not be victims of society. We want them to understand that they have more power than they can imagine and that they have our full support. These kids are the future of New Orleans and we need to invest in them!